Twitter Hilariously Burns Trump For Insisting ‘Many People’ Wanted Chief Of Staff Job

Trump chief of staff

Despite being turned down by every major candidate he offered the job to, President Donald Trump laughably insisted on Friday night that “many people” wanted to be his chief of staff after announcing Mick Mulvaney will take over for John Kelly.

Over the course of the week, everyone from Rick Santorum to Nick Ayers to Chris Christie and more have turned down the offer to be Trump’s next chief of staff after Kelly officially leaves the role at the end of the year after being fired earlier this month.

Basically, anyone who still believes they have a future in politics did not want the stink of the Trump administration all over their resumes, especially since Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator who is being investigated for multiple crimes and scandals.

Trump was apparently so desperate to find a new chief of staff that he picked Mulvaney, who currently serves as his Office of Management and Budget director, but also considered his son-in-law Jared Kushner. In short, Trump had to scrape the bottom of the barrel because everyone else knows his administration is about to come crashing down. And even then it appears Trump drafted Mulvaney for promotion.

Trump took to Twitter to make the official announcement and managed to say nice things about Kelly.

Not content with simply making an announcement, Trump tried to save face by insisting that “many people” wanted the position.

Sure, he’s sorta correct if one counts former disgraced baseball player Jose Canseco and television host Piers Morgan, whom the Internet widely mocked for begging Trump for the job in an op-ed.

But beyond the odd celebrity has-been, Trump didn’t really have a lot of takers.

His most ardent supporters in the political world wanted nothing to do with the job, which Kelly must be happy about leaving since he was miserable most of the time. It’s not just a miserable job that Trump wants anyone who serves in to be a yes-man who does whatever he wants, it’s a job that could taint the reputation of whomever takes it because of Trump’s pending legal troubles, which could lead to impeachment and prosecution. Anyone who takes it would be forever marked with scandal and corruption, not exactly something someone wants to be remembered for.

Anyway, Twitter hilariously burned Trump to the ground for ridiculously claiming that a lot of people wanted to work for him.

Seriously, Mulvaney is like the last person Trump pathetically offered a rose to, only he wasn’t a contestant in the first place. Being chief of staff is supposed to be a great honor, but Trump has turned it into a nightmare that nobody wants anything to do with. Sad!

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