Twitter Humiliates Piers Morgan For Begging Trump To Hire Him As Chief Of Staff

Piers Morgan

Right-wing presenter and columnist Piers Morgan wants to be President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, resulting in Twitter mockery after he argued that his win on a season of “Celebrity Apprentice” makes him qualified for the position.

Trump has had trouble finding a replacement for disgraced outgoing chief of staff John Kelly, who is apparently jumping ship as Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in.

Nobody seems to want the job, but Piers Morgan is willing to do it, and even posted his application on Twitter in the form of a link to a column kissing up to Trump:

“When you made me your first Celebrity Apprentice a decade ago, you told me in the live NBC finale: ‘Piers, you’re a vicious guy. I’ve seen it. You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re probably brilliant, I’m not sure. You’re certainly not diplomatic. But you did an amazing job and you beat the hell out of everybody – you’re my Celebrity Apprentice,’” Morgan wrote. “Let’s be honest, what more could you possibly want from your Chief of Staff? You could have been talking about yourself!”

Morgan even promised to let Trump do whatever he wants and that he would surround Trump with sycophants. Also, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner would have more say in the administration.


And Twitter responded by laughing at him:

Trump’s search for a new chief of staff is a joke and once again makes the U.S. an international laughingstock.

Featured Image: Wikimedia