Twitter humiliates Trump for caving on China deadline as trade war continues

Trump China

For the second straight month, President Donald Trump has delayed a new round of tariffs against China ahead of deadlines he set for a deal to be negotiated. Meanwhile, American farmers continue to suffer and Twitter users are humiliating Trump for caving.

Trump’s trade war with China has lasted nearly a year now and shows no real signs of ending any time soon as deadlines put in place by Trump have been moved again and again, supposedly because negotiators are close to striking a deal.

On Sunday, Trump announced his decision while insisting talks are going swimmingly:

The problem is that it appears no deal is forthcoming because March 1st would have been the second time the deadline has come and gone without a deal, meaning Trump’s threats have no teeth and he’s clearly scared to enact even more tariffs that would hurt American farms and businesses even more than he has already.

Farm bankruptcies have jumped as over 80 farms have filed bankruptcy in just the last year, a higher number than just after the Great Recession in 2008.

And taxpayers have also taken a hit as Trump is providing $12 billion in hand-outs as compensation for his incompetence.

And that incompetence is why Twitter humiliated him:

Once the terms of any deal get out, we’ll know for certain just how bad of a deal maker Trump is. In fact, if the deal is anything like the slightly tweaked new NAFTA, the United States probably didn’t get a whole lot while China wins in the end. That makes Trump a loser in the end, and farmers will be the biggest losers because they voted for him.

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