Twitter humiliates Trump for inflating illegal immigration numbers and costs to justify wall

Trump concrete wall

President Donald Trump is once again pulling numbers out of his posterior in an effort to scare the American people into supporting his expensive border wall.

Trump’s first tweet on Sunday morning falsely declared rampant voter fraud in Texas by alleged “non-citizens” so he could push for voter ID laws. Of course, he didn’t stop his immigrant-bashing there.

His next tweet claimed that there are 25 million illegal immigrants in the country and that they cost the nation $200 billion or more a year.

But, Trump provided zero basis for his numbers, which he has repeatedly used before to argue for building a costly vanity project on the border.

In fact, the Arizona Republic debunked Trump’s figures in December using right-wing studies.

“His numbers are more than twice as high as the closest published estimate, which was made by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a conservative research organization that advocates for less immigration, both legal and illegal,” the newspaper reported. “The group’s report, published in 2017, estimated the cost was $135 billion a year.”

In June, AZ Fact Check found significant limitations to the FAIR report in an examination of a separate claim on the cost of illegal immigration. Immigration researchers have also criticized the study’s methodology.

A critique by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, called the study “fatally flawed.”

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative research organization, released a report in 2013 about the costs of illegal immigration. The study found there were 3.7 million undocumented households and the costs were an estimated $54.5 billion per year — five times less than Trump’s estimate.

And the critique by the Cato Institute in 2017 gave an even lower number, with costs estimated at between $3.3 billion to $15.6 billion annually.

According to USA Today, the data we have shows that illegal immigration is at a 12-year low and that the population of undocumented immigrants is less than 11 million.

Clearly, Trump is lying about the cost and the number of undocumented immigrants in the country to try to gain support for his wall, which could cost as high as $50 billion to build and billions upon billions more in maintenance and consequential costs.

Twitter users responded by pointing out facts and mocking Trump’s hypocrisy.

It’s true that undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes every year. They paid $13 billion into Social Security in 2013 alone.

Clearly, these numbers were made up with the sole purpose of making illegal immigration look like more of a crisis than it actually is. It’s actually not a crisis at all, just something Trump is using to advance his racist and hateful agenda so he can try to take more power for himself.

Trump’s not going to get his wall by lying, and Democrats should make sure he doesn’t get it for that very reason.

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