Twitter Humiliates Trump For Teleconferencing With Troops Instead Of Visiting Them In Person

Trump Thanksgiving troops war zones

President Donald Trump is teleconferencing with the troops from his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort on Thanksgiving, resulting in humiliating reminders that he is a coward.

Trump has refused to visit the troops in war zones in the two years since taking office, which is the opposite of what past presidents have done.

He could have chosen to surprise them with a visit on Thanksgiving. Instead, Trump is going to merely speak to them via a Skype session from the comfort of his resort where he can sit on his ass and use them like props before heading out to the golf course.

You see, Trump is too scared to visit our troops serving in combat zones. He dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War to avoid war zones. Now he’s declining to go to war zones to visit our troops as president, which is incredibly disrespectful. Our troops risk their lives fighting for us. The least Trump can do is visit them in person to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Twitter users immediately mocked Trump for once again failing to show courage and common decency.

Just like he did when he refused to attend a Veteran’s Day ceremony due to rain, Trump is dishonoring the troops and killing morale by not visiting them in war zones.

In short, not only has Trump disrespected dead American soldiers, he is disrespecting living ones as well. Our troops and Americans across the country should be ashamed of him and his cowardice.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot