Twitter Lights Trump Up For Whining That Mueller Wasn’t Approved By The Senate

Trump Mueller

President Donald Trump hypocritically whined about Special Counsel Robert Mueller not being approved by the Senate on Thursday morning, and Twitter tore into him for it.

Trump flew into a panic-laden meltdown earlier this morning in an attack on Mueller, whom he accused of threatening people and screaming at them to get the answers he wants, insisting that the investigation is chaotic as reports about White House chaos continue to roll out.

Clearly, Trump is frightened about what Mueller is going to say in his report, which is speculated to be announced soon.

But it didn’t take long before Trump followed up with yet another even more vicious attack, this time referring to Mueller and his team as “thugs,” accusing Democrats of collusion, and even complaining about Mueller’s appointment:

The reason why Trump’s whining is hypocritical is because he recently appointed Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, a federal position that requires Senate confirmation per the Constitution, which is why legal experts on both the left and right are challenging Trump’s action.

Furthermore, Mueller’s appointment by Deputy Rod Rosenstein is legal. Rosenstein was appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Senate. After former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, it fell to Rosenstein to decide if a special counsel is necessary. Rosenstein then appointed Mueller, who as an inferior officer of the Justice Department is not required to be confirmed by the Senate.

If Trump really thinks Mueller’s appointment is illegal, he and his third-rate lawyers would have filed a lawsuit claiming as such by now. But he hasn’t, which means he knows it’s lawful.

Trump’s whining temper tantrum earned a round of humiliation on Twitter:

Indeed, Archibald Cox was appointed by then-incoming Attorney General Eliot Richardson in 1973, so there is precedent for a special counsel not being approved by the Senate. And if Mueller’s time as special counsel is anything like Cox’s, we should expect Trump’s resignation soon.

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