Twitter Mercilessly Mocks Trump For His Military Parade Planning

Not long after he returned from France, where he helped celebrate Bastille Day with French president Emmanuel Macron, President Donald Trump said he’d been very impressed by a military parade he’d seen while there:

“It was a tremendous day, and to a large extent because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4th in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue. We’re going to have to try to top it, but we have a lot of planes going over and a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see, and representatives from different wars and different uniforms.”

On Tuesday we learned that Trump has now ordered the military to beginning planning for the parade Trump, so longs to be a part of. This despite the fact that the current Commander-in-Chief dodged service in Vietnam by claiming he had bone spurs in his feet.

A parade of the type Trump is calling for — complete with tanks, troops, flyovers, etc. — will probably cost millions, and of course, American taxpayers will have to pick up the tab, just like they already do for the president’s frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago and his other golf resorts.

Fortunately, we did get something out of Trump’s cockamamie idea: Reaction on Twitter. And some of these are absolute gold:

Here’s a compromise we might get Trump to accept: Give him a uniform with some medals on it and let him wear it the next time he gives the State of the Union.

Then we can go full banana republic and stroke his ego at the same time.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab.