Twitter mercilessly pounds Trump for hypocritical attack on Virginia Governor Northam


President Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on Saturday evening, and Twitter users immediately pounced on his unbelievable hypocrisy.

Just like his son Don Jr. earlier on Saturday, Trump also made the mistake of of attacking Northam, who is resisting calls to resign after he admitted to being pictured in a 1984 yearbook in blackface or in a KKK costume. He apparently can’t remember which or he wasn’t actually in the picture because he doesn’t know how to make up his mind.

The last person who should be criticizing Northam is Trump, but he did it anyway while at his golf course in Mar-a-Lago:

The reason why Trump should not have opened his mouth is because if anyone should resign from office, it’s him. Northam’s past has come back to haunt him, but Trump’s past goes back even longer.

Twitter users were quick to remind everyone of all the racist and sexist things Trump has done, many of which are far worse than a picture in a yearbook from 30 years ago:

If Republicans expect Northam to resign, as well they should, they should also demand Trump resign as well. The only reason why Republicans are demanding Northam resign is because he’s a Democrat. This has nothing to do with what he did. If that were the case, Trump would have been impeached and ousted from office long before now.

Let’s not forget that Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) whined about white nationalism and white supremacy being considered bad and complained about America no longer being a white men’s club. Yet, they only stripped him of his committee assignments, which is basically a slap on the wrist. They certainly never called on him to resign.

The difference between Northam and Trump and King is that the latter two are Republicans, and the GOP doesn’t care if one of their own is a racist. They only pretend to care when a Democrat is caught. That needs to change and hopefully Americans are witnessing this hypocrisy and will remember it in 2020.

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