Twitter mocks Devin Nunes and his legal team over lawsuit blunder


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is suing the Fresno Bee over a story about a Napa winery he owns, but his lawyer’s effort to build his case against the newspaper is being mocked over quite a hilarious blunder.

You see, Fresno Bee reporter Mackenzie Mays covered a story about a winery Nunes owns that is embroiled in a scandal involving a yacht, prostitutes and cocaine. A woman sued the winery because she was stranded on the yacht during the illicit activities and she wanted no part of it. The winery settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

Mays is on solid legal ground because she used legal records as her primary source for the story, but Nunes is seeking $150 million as part of a frivolous lawsuit against the paper.

Ever since the story broke, the hashtag #YachtCocaineProstitutes has gone viral on Twitter, thus angering Nunes and causing him to throw a temper tantrum.

In an effort to make their case against the newspaper, his legal team attempted to use one of Mays’ tweets as proof of defamation. The problem is that they literally plugged in three words in an Internet search which automatically bolded the specific words in Mays’ tweet, something Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce caught.

In short, Nunes cannot claim that Mays started the hashtag based on three random words in her tweet.

Pearce even went on to point out that the report even makes it clear that Nunes probably had nothing to do with the incident, and even points out that they tried reaching Nunes for comment.

Twitter users, however, had a field day with Nunes’ incompetence.

The courts are likely going to laugh Nunes out of court. He is already trying to sue Twitter for not censoring parody accounts that mock him, and his lawsuits are only making things worse for him because those accounts have even more likes than they originally had.

Twitter and the Fresno Bee should file a counter lawsuit seeking damages. Maybe then Nunes will learn his lesson about free speech and filing ridiculous lawsuits.

Featured Image: Wikimedia