Twitter mocks Trump for making July 4th all about himself instead of America

July 4th

President Donald Trump is such a narcissist that he can’t even leave Independence Day alone without making it all about himself as he pretends that he invented July 4th celebrations in Washington DC.

July 4th festivities occur every year in our nation’s capital. It is the biggest fireworks display in the nation and tens of thousands of Americans flock to the city to join the party.

This year, however, Trump is making the holiday all about him as he plans an event at the Lincoln Memorial as if there’s never been July 4th celebrations in Washington DC before. He even narcissistically referred to himself as America’s “favorite president.”

Yeah, if the Lincoln Memorial could vomit right now, it would. Trump is clearly butthurt because he didn’t get a parade in his honor last year so he’s hijacking America’s birthday to celebrate himself this year.

Twitter users certainly were disgusted, which is why they mercilessly mocked him:

This is, perhaps, the first July 4th celebration that Americans should boycott. Better to celebrate elsewhere than to associate with an event held by Trump and allow him to claim that a massive crowd showed up just for him.

Featured Image: Wikimedia