Twitter rains hell on RNC chair for unfairly comparing 2009 economy under Obama to 2019 economy under Trump


RNC chair Ronna McDaniel is so desperate to defend President Donald Trump that she posted an egregiously unfair comparison of the economy under former President Barack Obama in 2009 to the economy under Trump in 2019.

The latest social media fad is known as the ten-year challenge where you compare a picture of yourself from ten years ago to a picture of yourself now. McDaniel decided to put a twist on that by comparing the economy of 2009 with the economy of 2019, ignoring everything that happened in between as if Trump magically fixed the economy overnight.

Seriously, this is such a bad attempt at historical revisionism.

First of all, Obama took office in January 2009 after the Great Recession had already started under former President George W. Bush in 2008. The devastating effects of the recession would continue until 2010 when the economy began to rebound. And it would continue to rebound through the end of Obama’s presidency when the unemployment rate dropped from over 10 percent to 4.8 percent, 11.6 million jobs were created in the longest streak of job growth in the history of the nation and the stock market doubled.

The numbers just don’t lie. But McDaniel sure does. In fact, the unemployment rate has only dropped a point since Trump took office, and the economic records experienced under his watch were just a direct continuation of Obama’s economy that Trump had nothing to do with.

Twitter users were not amused by her post and responded mercilessly.

Ronna McDaniel should be ashamed of herself for posting such dishonest drivel, but she is driven by hate and propaganda, and would rather ignore the economic achievements of the first black president in order to give Trump all the credit. Of course, what else should we have expected from someone who would attack her own family member for truthfully criticizing Trump?

Featured Image: Wikimedia