Twitter reacts with horror after Trump autographs Bibles while visiting Alabama

Trump evangelicals

While he was in Alabama on Friday touring the destruction wrought last week by massive tornadoes that touched down in the state, President Donald Trump stopped by a Baptist church in Opelika and visited with residents.

Oh, and he also autographed copies of the Bible.

Yes, you read that correctly: The president signed Bibles as if he were putting his John Hancock on a copy of one of his own books.

While some who got their Bibles signed called Trump’s visit a “godsend,” not everyone was cool with the notion of anyone taking a Sharpie and etching their name across the cover of a holy book.

Wayne Flynt, a Baptist deacon and Auburn University professor emeritus, said signing a Bible “is right next to sacrilege. That’s a holy book!”

It didn’t take long before Twitter joined the debate:

Pretty sure that a man as immoral as Donald Trump signing the Bible is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Featured Image Via NBC News