Twitter Responds To Trump’s Early Christmas Message With A Merry Middle Finger

Trump Christmas

It’s not even December yet and President Donald Trump has already posted a Christmas message on Twitter, but Americans were not in the mood for his hypocritical holiday cheer.

In a post that does not appear to have been written himself considering the lack of grammar and punctuation errors, the inclusion of his family members and the general non-hostile tone, Trump wished the nation a “Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the world” to mark the 2018 National Christmas Tree Lighting.

It certainly is a flip of tone considering Trump has been throwing tantrums all week, including attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Democrats, our allies and the press.

Clearly, he can’t possibly be wishing all Americans a Merry Christmas.

Regardless, Twitter users responded by giving Trump a holiday bird. Not a turkey, but the middle finger variety.

If Trump really wants to give Americans a gift this holiday season he should resign, Until that happens, the only thing he is bringing to this country at this time of year is misery and depression.

But for now, at least we have holiday greetings from a real president to look forward to. After all, here’s what former President Obama wrote last year.

And here’s Obama’s Christmas message from his last year in office in 2016.

That’s how it’s done.


Featured Image: Twitter