Twitter Rips Trump Apart For Bragging About His Building And Not Acknowledging Fire Victim

Trump Tower fire

President Donald Trump heartlessly ignored the fact that a person died in the Trump Tower fire in New York City on Saturday, choosing to brag about his building instead. And Twitter users gave him hell for it.

After the fire was extinguished, Trump thanked the firefighters who put out the blaze but had no words for the tenant who was tragically killed.

Trump also bragged about how well the building was constructed.

Of course, the flames may not have been so bad had Trump not been grandfathered into a law from 1999 law requiring high-rise buildings have sprinkler systems that exempted his building.

According to The New York Times:

“Landlords and developers like Donald J. Trump have lobbied against sprinklers as unnecessary and expensive, costing up to $4 per square foot, or thousands of dollars for each apartment.”

In short, Trump’s building was not as “well built” as he claims. And the sprinklers were clearly necessary.

Supporters of the law cited:

“A 1995 study by the National Fire Protection Association suggesting that sprinklers cut fire deaths by half and property damage by two-thirds.”

Even then, Trump did not care about the facts, and one person is dead and others injured because of his refusal to make his own building safe. Not to mention that this is the second fire in Trump Tower to happen in 2018.

But even on Sunday morning, Trump still had not expressed any sympathy for the victim, choosing instead to whine about Hillary Clinton again, which drew the ire of Twitter users.

Trump should be ashamed of himself for ignoring the death of one of his own neighbors. This is callousness on a level that no human being should be capable of, but only he could care more about a building than a human life.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.