Twitter rips Trump for promoting his Scotland golf course and claiming it improves relations with UK

Trump golf course

President Donald Trump shamelessly advertised his Scotland golf course on Twitter Saturday morning and claimed it somehow improves America’s relationship with the United Kingdom, resulting in a uproar of criticism.

Trump woke up this morning an apparently decided to get in some light Emoluments Clause violations on Twitter about a golf course that is hemorrhaging money and it hated by many Scottish residents who live around it:

This is exactly why businesses owned by a president are considered a conflict of interest. Trump is literally using his presidency to promote his golf course for profit, something past presidents have avoided by divesting from their businesses prior to taking office, just as former President Jimmy Carter did when he divested from his peanut farm.

Trump is currently being sued in court for violating the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution, a case that has been allowed to move forward.

Twitter users ripped Trump for violating it in plain sight:

As for his claim that his golf course improves relations with our longtime ally, the people of the United Kingdom certainly don’t agree.

Of course, Republicans don’t care if Trump violates the Constitution or ethics rules. They are perfectly fine with him profiting off the presidency, which makes them complicit with the violations. And Americans should be outraged.

The 2020 Election can’t come soon enough.

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