Twitter Schools Trump For Repeating False Claim That Senate Democrats Are Obstructing His Nominees

Trump Senate Democrats

President Donald Trump just won’t stop trying to blame Democrats for his inability to get his nominees approved in the Senate.

On New Year’s Eve, Trump lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and accused him of obstructing his ambassador nominations, even going so far as to claim that other nations are calling him to complain about Schumer.

It turns out that Trump has made this accusation before, so he is recycling his tweets.

And he did it again on Tuesday by once again blaming Senate Democrats for his nominees not being approved fast enough.

The problem is that Democrats don’t have the majority, Republicans do. And since it only takes 51 Senate votes to approve an ambassador nominee, Trump should be blaming Republicans because they literally have 51 votes in the Senate to do the job.

In short, this is not on Democrats, and Twitter users proceeded to school him for repeating such a demonstrable lie.

And Trump better not even think about blaming Senate Democrats when the new session of Congress begins on Thursday. Because Republicans will have 52 votes in the Senate this time.


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