Twitter shames Trump for endorsing ‘Jexodus’ after mosque shooting in New Zealand


Not long after President Donald Trump tweeted support for New Zealand after a white supremacist murdered 49 people at a mosque in an act of terrorism, he resumed accusing the Democratic Party of being anti-Semitic and endorsed “Jexodus.”

“Jexodus” is a movement recently created and headed by a Trump campaign staffer that promotes Jewish people leaving the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party.

Trump previously endorsed the group and claimed that Jews are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. But the data disproves his claim as Republicans continue to desperately tie Democrats to fake anti-Semitism.

On Friday, Trump once again promoted the group.

If anything, Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel makes Jews less safe. Iran is close to restarting their nuclear program because of sanctions Trump re-established, and the Muslim world became even more inflamed over the Jerusalem decision because East Jerusalem is claimed by the Palestinians.

Twitter users blasted Trump for spreading more religious hatred in the wake of the tragedy in New Zealand and fact-checked him for good measure:

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