Twitter slams Trump for threatening harsher Homeland Security treatment of immigrants


As if launching tear gas at desperate migrants and locking children in cages isn’t bad enough, President Donald Trump is threatening even worse actions by Homeland Security in his continuing rants about immigration at the southern border.

Trump has been throwing hissy fits about the border for days on Twitter, including demanding Mexico stop migrants from traveling to the United States or else he’ll shut the border down. That didn’t go over very well with the Mexican government as an official reminded Trump that Mexico is home to over one million Americans.

But Trump continued whining on Sunday, this time threatening to order Homeland Security treat migrants far worse than they are treated now.

Considering Trump has already approved concentration camps for migrants and their children, the next apparent step is to start murdering them, which follows the Nazi playbook.

Seriously, violence and killing is the next worst thing Homeland Security personnel can do to these already suffering human beings who are desperately trying to escape persecution and death in their homeland.

Twitter users were justifiably horrified.

Trump is bound and determined to become a murderous dictator and his rhetoric is going to get people killed. This madness needs to be brought to an end before it’s too late.

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