Americans Tear Trump Apart For Making Phony Claims About His Reckless Tariffs


President Donald Trump is still desperately touting the global trade war he caused by slapping tariffs on multiple nations, including our own allies, despite the fact that they are hurting American workers and businesses across the country.

For months, Trump’s has been obsessed with using tariffs to punish nations over what he believes are unfair trade deals and trade deficits. But the tariffs backfired because those nations have retaliated with tariffs of their own and refusal to purchase American products.

Farmers have been especially hit hard as China refuses to purchase soybeans and other agricultural products from the United States, causing prices to fall to record lows, resulting in many farmers struggling financially.

Regardless of the economic disaster Trump is ushering in, he chose to tout the tariffs on Tuesday in lie-filled tweet claiming that billions of dollars are flowing into the country and that jobs and businesses will somehow flourish.

But that’s not the case as the tariffs have negatively impacted workers and businesses in several states, especially red states.

Harley-Davidson recently had to move production overseas because of the tariffs and Ford is planning to lay off workers. And that’s the tip of the iceberg that is cutting a gash into the American economy.

Twitter users were quick to shoot down Trump’s lies.

Trump inherited a booming economy from former President Barack Obama, and he has spent much of his presidency trying to sabotage that success while taking credit for it as his own achievement. But when the economy inevitably falls into a recession under his watch because of his economic irresponsibility, will Trump still take credit, or will he just blame Obama or someone else for his mess?

We all know the answer to that question.


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