Twitter Torches Trump For Boasting About Approval Rating Among Veterans


In yet more proof that President Donald Trump only considers unfavorable polls to be “fake news,” he took to Twitter Sunday to brag about an AP poll showing a high approval rating among veterans.

Since even before he took office, Trump has frequently attacked any poll unfavorable to him as “fake news” while touting polls that give him higher ratings. And that’s why he apparently boasted about a new poll showing that a majority of veterans approve of how he is doing his job:

There’s just a couple problems with Trump’s brag. First of all, Trump’s overall approval rating among veterans stands at 56 percent, not 62 percent. That 62 percent is his approval among white veterans. Furthermore, male veterans were more likely to approve of Trump with 58 percent, while 58 percent of women disapprove. And his poll numbers are worse among Latino and African-American veterans as well.

Clearly, Trump ignored the numbers he didn’t like.

According to the AP report:

“Overall, 56 percent of veterans — both current and former service members — said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 43 percent disapproved. Voters who have not served in the military were more likely to disapprove (58 percent) than approve (42 percent) of the president’s job performance.

“The survey found that differences in support for Trump between veterans and nonveterans extended across racial and ethnic groups, including among whites (62 percent of veterans approve versus 49 percent of nonveterans), Latinos (53 percent vs. 28 percent) and African-Americans (22 percent vs. 10 percent).”

Overall, Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet nationally, and most Americans want him impeached. Even a Fox News poll shows that 55 percent of Americans don’t intend to vote for Trump in 2020.

And while Trump may see a sliver of positive news in the veterans poll, it should also be pointed out that many members of the military lean conservative and many who were polled were older white male veterans who will support Trump no matter what he does. Plus, only 7 percent of the population are veterans.

Curiously, Trump’s approval among active-duty troops is much lower. Only 44 percent approve while 43 percent disapprove.

Many veterans told Trump to go f*ck himself:

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