Twitter Trashes Mitch McConnell For Suddenly Believing In The ‘Bipartisan Spirit’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) found himself being dragged on Twitter again for being a complete hypocrite when he urged members of Congress to find the “bipartisan spirit” to pass pieces of legislation still on the GOP agenda.

Earlier this month, McConnell all of a sudden pretended to care about bipartisanship in a message to Democrats after the election begging them to “work with the GOP.”

And that’s laughable because McConnell has a history of rejecting bipartisanship, especially during former President Obama’s eight years in office.

Well, he doubled down on his message on Tuesday by asking Democrats to help Republicans pass remaining items on their agenda, which will be much more difficult to pass once Democrats take over the House in January.

Of course, what McConnell really wants is for Democrats to surrender to the Republican agenda now because he knows he’ll be forced to work with a Democratic House majority to get things done over the next two years. After all, bills won’t pass the House without Democratic approval.

And just like his previous call for bipartisanship, Twitter users trashed McConnell’s hypocrisy.

If McConnell is really serious about bipartisanship, he can prove it in 2019 and 2020. Because Democrats should not wantonly help Republicans pass their poisonous agenda in the final weeks of a lame-duck session when Congress has a real upcoming opportunity to accomplish true bipartisanship when Senate Republicans are forced to work with House Democrats to craft legislation. But we all know McConnell will likely obstruct every bill because Republicans aren’t completely getting their way.

In short, his call for bipartisanship is bullshit.

If Mitch was actually serious about bipartisanship, he would stop blocking the bipartisan bill to protect Robert Mueller from Trump. A bill that is truly bipartisan in sponsorship and the votes that would pass it. The bill would take “about three minutes” to pass according to Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, and give plenty of time for McConnell to sell the rest of his agenda.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore