U.S. gold medal fencer sticks it to Trump by kneeling during national anthem at Pan American Games

national anthem

In defiance of President Donald Trump’s demand that athletes stand during the national anthem, American gold medal fencer Race Imboden took a knee on the podium to protest Trump’s hate and to bring attention to social justice issues.

Imboden has been competing in individual and team fencing events at the Pan American Games in Peru, capturing the bronze in his individual event while he and his teammates scored a gold medal victory in the team event.

As is tradition, the team took their place at the top of the podium and received their gold medals. But when the Star Spangled Banner played, Imboden refused to remain standing, using the moment to protest injustice and racism by kneeling.

Imboden would explain his decision on Twitter by calling for a change in the United States, not only to stop racism but to enact gun control and end the persecution of immigrants. He even called out Trump.

Imboden’s protest comes in the wake of a mass shooting in El Paso that killed 22 people by a white nationalist incited by Trump’s racist and violent rhetoric against migrants. Trump also recently attacked Democratic lawmakers of color by telling them to “go back” where they came from.

This latest instance of an athlete taking a knee in protest during the national anthem is a continuation of protest started by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whom Trump has viciously attacked and accused of disrespecting the flag and the troops even though kneeling has nothing to do with either, except for the fact that a veteran advised Kaepernick to kneel instead of sitting as he had originally planned.

Trump is a disgrace to our nation and after the last month our country has experienced, it’s time we all kneel in protest until Congress impeaches him or we vote him out in 2020. Because it’s time to enact the kind of change that will enrage racists to their core so that our country can finally move forward into a better future for everyone.

Featured Image: Twitter