US Army asks a question on Twitter and receives brutally honest answers

US Army Memorial Day

The US Army marked Memorial Day weekend by asking Twitter users how serving in the military has impacted them. The harrowing answers they received should make us all demand accountability and an end to all war.

As our country continues to fight in endless wars overseas and is inching toward new wars in Iran and Venezuela, the US Army asked a question it likely won’t ask again in the future.

It may seem like a simple question, and the US Army was likely hoping for far different answers, but the answers they did receive makes it clear that serving is a hell that no one should be put through.

Twitter users who served or knows someone who did testified in chilling detail about the impact of military service.

There are thousands of responses just like these and some that are even more horrific. Military recruiters misleadingly glorify service and young people pay a price that no human being should pay in the service of their country. Service not only affects them, it affects their friends and families.

It’s time to end the culture of war and violence that has dragged on for decades. These stories should make us all demand change. If we truly want to honor the fallen, we need to do a better job of taking care of the living.

Featured Image: Wikimedia