Veterans Skewer 45 For A Cowardly And Disgusting Attack On Senator Blumenthal


President Donald Trump went off the rails on Saturday afternoon by disgustingly attacking Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is a tweet beneath the dignity of the office, and one that immediately drew condemnation from military veterans.

Earlier in the day, Blumenthal discussed the latest court filing by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which says Trump, listed as “Individual 1” committed campaign finance felonies in coordination with his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

“Donald Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator,” Blumenthal said. “Think of it for a moment. Unindicted co-conspirator. And the further information in this bombshell memorandum shows facts and evidence that link that conspiracy to Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and potentially obstruction of justice. So the pieces of the mosaic or the puzzle are coming into place, and the walls are closing in on Donald Trump and his inner circle, including his family.”

Here’s the video via YouTube

Trump would later hear Blumenthal’s remarks and lashed out at him on Twitter in the most undignified way:

It’s true that Blumenthal did not serve in the Vietnam War, but he did serve in the Marine Corps Reserve during the conflict, which is more than what Trump can say because he dodged the draft five times in order to avoid military service.

Trump has also repeatedly insulted veterans, including the late Senator John McCain and former Secretary of State John Kerry, attacked a Gold Star family, refused to honor fallen World War I soldiers because it was raining, and is too scared to visit troops in war zones.

This attack on Blumenthal is yet another low and is a hypocritical one at that. Had Blumenthal’s reserve unit been called up to serve in the war, he would have gone to Vietnam. Trump avoided military service altogether like a coward.

Even veterans ripped Trump on Twitter for the cheap shot.

Every time Trump attacks a person who wore the uniform of our armed services, he makes it harder for anyone in the military or who has loved ones in the military to support him. Trump’s support among active duty troops has fallen more than two percent since 2016 while his disapproval has risen over six percent. His numbers are now dead even. And it’s only going to get worse if he continues talking about a topic he has no business talking about.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot