Walter Shaub Reveals Trump’s Hypocrisy After Unhinged Twitter Rant About Mueller Prosecutors


President Donald Trump got his ass handed to him on Friday by former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub in response to his complaint that prosecutors on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team have donated to Democrats.

In an early morning meltdown ahead of an anticipated announcement by Mueller, Trump lashed out at Mueller’s team and claimed they have conflicts of interest because of their past political contributions, totally ignoring the fact that Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are Republicans, as is former FBI Director James Comey and current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Shaub saw Trump’s temper tantrum and decided to respond to it by doing a search of public records showing political donations. And you know who else gave political contributions to Hillary Clinton and Democrats? None other than Trump himself and his family, as Shaub would document on Twitter.

By Trump’s own logic, he should not have been the Republican nominee in 2016 and his daughter and son-in-law should be removed from their White House positions immediately because they all donated to Democratic campaigns.

Shaub went on to point out that there are many Republicans in the Department of Justice and federal law enforcement that Trump isn’t whining about. He seems to only have a problem with people who donated to Democrats.

Shaub concluded his takedown by informing Trump that political donations do not mean that these prosecutors are bringing their political views to work with them.

In any case, Mueller has already proven that even if it seems that a member of his team has political bias, he will remove them. That’s exactly what happened to former FBI agent Peter Strzok after his text messages about Trump came to Mueller’s attention.

Clearly, the rest of his team members have exercised the highest standards of professionalism throughout this investigation and they have done great work exposing Trump and his cronies and getting to the bottom of Russian interference during the 2016 Election. Now if only Trump can stop interfering with a legitimate federal investigation so that Mueller can reach a final conclusion.

Featured Image: Wikimedia