Walter Shaub Warns That Trump Will Try To Overthrow Constitution And Rule Of Law To Save Himself


Former Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub posted a message to Americans on Tuesday warning them that President Donald Trump might try to overthrow the Constitution and the rule of law to save himself and keep power.

It all started with a New York Times op-ed by conservative commentator David Brooks, who predicted that Trump might be so desperate to end federal investigations and legal proceedings against him that he delegitimizes our legal system to escape justice.

”When the indictments come down, Trump won’t play by the rules. He’ll delegitimize those rules. He’ll delegitimize our legal institutions. He’ll personalize indictments, slander every prosecutor. He’ll destroy the edifice of law in order to save himself.”

Of course, that’s a very scary thought, but one that becomes increasingly possible as Trump ramps up his attacks against the FBI and the Justice Department. Hell, he already slanders Special Counsel Robert Mueller and federal attorneys investigating him. And Shaub not only thinks Brooks is right, but thinks Trump might try to use the military to put down any protest or resistance that would follow, and may even go so far as to cancel the 2020 Election.

Seeing as how Republicans have refused for two years now to stand up to Trump as he does nothing but destroy our nation and our alliances, it’s hard to know where the GOP would draw the line as long as they think they will get their agenda passed.

What makes Shaub’s questions about where the military will lean so scary is that Trump’s approval rating among active-duty troops is split down the middle, although it is waning.

But should the military back Trump, our democracy would be replaced by a dictatorship and all of our rights would be stripped away.

Shaub, however, is correct when he says our troops and commanders would have to violate their oath to the Constitution to do it.

But the fact that this possibility is even being thought of and discussed is cause for Americans to be deeply disturbed, and it’s why everyone must insist that federal investigations of Trump be allowed to continue and that the rule of law prevails. And perhaps most of all, Americans should be prepared to not only protest, but fight in defense of our country and institutions. If the wolves do come for us, Americans will face a choice. They can be slaughtered like sheep or be willing to go down swinging until their last breath in a show of strength and determination that would make the Founding Fathers proud.

Hopefully, it will never come to that, but everything Trump has done is unprecedented, and if Republicans refuse to stand up to him and he gets the military to back him, the people need to be prepared for the fight of our lives. Our freedom and nation will literally depend on it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia