Warren jumps ahead to top Bernie and Biden in Iowa Caucuses poll

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) received some very good news for her campaign on Saturday when an Iowa caucuses poll revealed she has the top spot over both former Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) to be the Democratic 2020 nominee.

Warren’s strong grassroots organization and solid message promoting universal healthcare, a Green New Deal, taxing the wealthy and raising the minimum wage have propelled her to the top of the latest Des Moines Register poll of caucus-goers, making it clear that this primary race is nowhere near over, nor is it automatic for the likes of Biden and Sanders.

Out of 602 likely Democratic caucus-goers who participated in the poll, 22 percent said Warren is their choice to win the nomination, followed closely by Biden at 20 percent while Bernie lags behind in third place with only 11 percent.

And it mostly has to do with Sanders supporters switching allegiance

According to the Des Moines Register:

Among those who describe themselves as “very liberal” nearly half (48%) are backing Warren. Sanders holds the support of 20% of that group — the only other candidate in double digits.

Also noteworthy: Among those who say they caucused for Sanders in 2016, more now support Warren as their first choice for president than Sanders.

Warren also leads the field among several other demographic groups, including women (27%), those who are college-educated (27%) and those who live in cities (25%) and suburbs (24%).

And 71% of caucusgoers say they are considering her in some way, either as their first (22%) choice, second choice (20%) or as someone they are actively considering (42%).

That’s very significant, but also expected since Warren has been gaining in popularity as she promotes her strong message across the country, even drawing over 20,000 during a recent rally in New York City.

“This standing with young caucusgoers marks the first time Warren has held this group, signaling her rise in Iowa is the result of her claiming territory previously held by Bernie Sanders,” J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., which conducted the poll, told the newspaper.

Again, Warren has been steadily gaining popularity through her ability to easily communicate her policy goals and what they would do for struggling Americans. Her forte, of course, is economic policy and policies that protect consumers, two issues that particularly resonate.

Clearly, the more Americans hear from her, the more likely they are to consider her as a great alternative to the top two men in the field. And as long as she stays the course, she will carry that momentum into the 2020 Democratic Convention.

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