Washington Man Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Thwart Porch Pirates

A Tacoma, Washington man has delivered a package of “schadenfreude” that we can all enjoy for the holidays. Jaireme Barrow got tired of having his packages stolen from his porch in a neighborhood where “porch pirates” were in abundance. His invention may not be legal but sure is funny, judging by the videos.

For people who don’t work at home, ordering online has its risk in a day when porch piracy is a new trend. Reports estimate over 23 million Americans have been victims of porch piracy. We are left with the conflict of either facing crowded malls playing overly cheery Christmas music or ordering online. More and more Americans are taking the risk and ordering online, and opportunistic criminals have noticed all of those tempting packages.

Even though he’d caught them on surveillance video, the police weren’t able to make arrests. Barrow decided he’d had enough and invented a way to get back at the pirates with a device that makes the sound of a shot-gun going off when anyone picks up a package left as bait for would-be hooligans. Now, at least, he is rewarded by their shocked responses as they turn tail and flee his property.

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Imagining the reactions of those stealing the boxes is amusing but watching the videos is way better. Revenge at last, but in a harmless way that doesn’t hurt the intruder. (See videos at the end of the article)

Barrow capitalized on his idea by selling them online at theblankbox.com. He even has T-shirts. Buy your own surveillance system and you can watch those miscreants get the shock of their lives!

Warning: You may want to take precautions to protect yourself from any lawsuits that may crop up should one of these unsuspecting pirates fall down and injure themselves on your property.

The Washington Post noted that “Barrow suggests tacking up a “no trespassing” sign and taping a note to the box that warns people to not move packages on the porch. That can inoculate a homeowner from lawsuits. Notifying delivery drivers doesn’t hurt, either.”

Buyer Beware:

While it looks like great harmless fun, it might not actually be legal due to laws about selling explosive devices and liability that could be incurred if somebody is hurt.

Porch Pirates Beware:

Meanwhile, some police are resorting to putting GPS tracking devices in packages left as bait for would-be thieves. Serves you right, @ssholes!

In the meantime, enjoy these hilarious videos of would-be thieves experiencing Barrow’s invention first-hand. Jaireme appears to talk about the idea in the first video below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube