Washington Post Columnist Humiliates ‘Fool Of Our Time’ Giuliani In Scathing Op-Ed


President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani got taken to the woodshed on Thursday in humiliating Washington Post column of epic proportions.

Ever since Giuliani took over as Trump’s top attorney he has been acting lie a complete clown by prostituting himself for his client on national television, often by saying things that incriminate Trump such as when he admitted that Trump paid hush money to Stormy Daniels.

And he has continued making a fool of himself by claiming that collusion isn’t against the law and that campaign finance felonies are no big deal and that lying to the FBI is not a crime.

We’re talking about a man who once led the Southern District of New York as a U.S. Attorney and put away crime bosses for a living. We’re talking about a man who reached the height of political popularity and admiration by the way he handled the 9/11 attacks. Now he’s been reduced to a national embarrassment who apparently forgot about everything he learned about the law, or just chooses to ignore.

And columnist Dana Milbank echoed the same sentiment in a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post.

“Rudy Giuliani started Tuesday in the manner Americans have come to expect of the president’s lawyer: He attacked former FBI director James Comey by tweeting a cartoon image of Bashful from Disney’s ‘Snow White,” Milbank wrote began. “Giuliani deleted the tweet, and anyway, it’s not clear why he chose Bashful. Considering Giuliani’s recent antics, the character that comes to mind is Dopey.”

Indeed, comparing Comey was definitely not a wise move in series of unwise moves Giuliani has made since joining Trump’s legal team in the spring. He has spent much of that times attacking the former FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a desperate effort to protect Trump despite his increasing legal troubles.

“The ‘fool’ has been a dramatic fixture at least since Shakespeare scribbled, and Giuliani is the fool for our time,” Milbank continued, “Occasionally he speaks accidental truths, but mostly he plays the clown. He’s America’s crazy uncle at a time when, according to a Wired tally, seven sets of prosecutors and investigators are pursuing at least 17 court cases involving Trump.”

The prime example of Giuliani’s “accidental truths” is his initial media appearances in defense of Trump.

“Giuliani announced that Trump reimbursed Cohen for hush money to a porn actress,” Milbanks explained. “But he seemed baffled when told Cohen had claimed it was his own money: ‘He did?’ Retreating, Giuliani said Trump wasn’t told about the payments, ‘but even if he was told, he wouldn’t have remembered it.’ Further backpedaling, Giuliani said, ‘I’m not an expert on the facts’ and issued a written statement ‘to clarify the views I expressed over the past few days.’”

Milbanks then clobbered Giuliani for saying that Trump will talk to Mueller “over my dead body,” and concluded by imagining how Giuliani will defend himself before God.

“Perish the thought! We need Giuliani’s entertainment. But when he dies, there should be a memorable scene when he goes before the One Who Knows Truth. ‘”I didn’t lie,’ Giuliani will say, ‘but even if I did, it wasn’t a crime to be Dopey.’”

And like most Americans, any god won’t buy Giuliani’s bullshit either.


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