Chris Wallace slams the door on a guest who resorts to bogus conspiracy theories about Robert Mueller

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace refused to let a panel discussion about the Mueller report wander into bogus conspiracy theories, shutting down one of his guests — former Utah GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz — when Chaffetz started telling lies about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice.

The confrontation occurred when Chaffetz asserted that since there were no new indictments from Mueller, the issue of Russian collusion had been put to bed:

“Mueller has all the credibility in the world and there are no new indictments.”

That led Wallace to remind Chaffetz:

“I’ve got to say, you say he has all the credibility in the world. You realize the president, for two years, has been saying exactly the opposite.”

After declaring that Trump would be stronger politically as a result of the Mueller report, Chaffetz then began spouting lies and suppositions that had no foundation in fact or truth:

“I do think 90 days from now, there is going to be an Inspector General report that could be very damning about the highest echelons within the FBI and what they were doing. And I think that may have the most consequences.”

“How did [the Mueller investigation] originate? Why did they go to the FISA court?”

But Wallace wasn’t having any of Chaffetz’s tinfoil hat blathering:

“No, no, no! We’re not going to go there. It originated because Donald Trump fired [then-FBI Director] James Comey. And then he said to Lester Holt on NBC, it’s the Russia thing. That’s why there was a special counsel.”

Chaffetz tried to regain his footing, feebly noting:

“Every single Democrat in this town wanted to fire James Comey. The president got a memo from [Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein] to actually do that.”

Again, Wallace was unwilling to let Chaffetz spin:

“He had already decided to do that. He fired him because he said the Russia thing.

“You keep switching the argument.”

You can expect plenty of the same flawed logic being used by Jason Chaffetz in the weeks ahead, even though no one other than Attorney General William Barr has actually read the full Mueller report. Republicans and the White House will try to whitewash the whole matter and pretend nothing improper was done. But until we all see the evidence, their weak arguments won’t hold a drop of water.

Here’s the video. The panel discussion begins at about the 25:10 mark:

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