The Weather Channel Trolls Trump And His Attack On Global Warming

President Donald Trump couldn’t resist taking another slap at the scientific community — specifically, those of us who are normal human beings and thus know that global warming is a thing — in a Thursday tweet (of course) about the cold front that’s walloping the eastern seaboard. Fortunately, The Weather Channel was more than ready for him.

The Weather Channel Strikes Back

Fortunately, the scientific community slapped back adroitly in snappy (and funny) fashion.

Our clueless leader tweeted this:

Trump is busy doing nothing useful while golfing in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the weather is hovering around 68 degrees, Mediaite reports. And that makes his tweet sound even more clueless than usual.

More than a few fine people noted Trump was once again conflating weather with climate — two words that are yes, connected in some ways to each other but have vastly different meanings.

So the Weather Channel couldn’t resist verbally roasting Trump (without mentioning him specifically) with this tweet:


Well-played Weather Channel. Well-played!

And the Weather Channel backed up the tweet by linking to this article from The article notes that Trump has frequently had some interesting, if incorrect, notions about global warming.

But this is generally what Trump does whenever it looks like weather on the eastern seaboard is about to get dicey. He likes to rail on about how global warming’s a good thing.

Yeah, well Trump needs a big, fat dose of reality.

The Weather Channel didn’t fail to note this:

“The Trump administration has proven time and again that it ignores science,” TWC wrote. “Climate is about long-term trends and not short-term weather events.”

Furthermore, the site noted there’s a good chance the cold front is linked to global warming, and isn’t, as Trump prefers to think, a refutation its existence. Weather Unground’s Bob Henson said:

“Several groups of scientists have found that warming in the Arctic and the resulting loss of sea ice are making it more likely that the jet stream will take dramatic wintertime dips and push intense cold outbreaks into mid-latitude areas, such as the Eastern U.S.”

He added:

“These cold waves aren’t enough to compensate for the overall warming of the climate across the whole planet.”

In subsequent tweets, the Weather Channel added that 2017 would go down as one of the three hottest years on record.

Trump, a noted climate change denier, steadfastly refuses to do anything to mitigate the consequences of climate change and he, most notably, yanked the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. This means the U.S. is the only country that now has no part in this historic agreement, a ground-breaking initiative dedicated to fighting climate change.

We have a petulant two-year-old wearing men’s pants and tossing insults to the science community while smirking about global warming. And this two-year-old who sits in the White House when he’s not playing golf is an embarrassment to the country and to people who have normal brains.

Good going Trump supporters. Look where you’ve gotten us.

In the video below, the so-called “fake news” channel CNN fact-checks Trump’s idiotic tweet.

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