WH Press Secretary decries ‘unprofessional conduct’ as Trump continues bad behavior

press secretary

New White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham displayed an utter lack of self-awareness this week as she hypocritically attacked a reporter for so-called “unprofessional conduct” as her boss continues to degrade the office he holds.

Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem ended up in a spat with social media right-winger Sebastian Gorka, who approached Karem to insult him. Of course, rather than corral Gorka and his combative behavior toward journalists doing their jobs, a Secret Service agent went over to Karem instead.

Of course, the White House used the incident as an excuse to revoke Karem’s press pass.

Well, a federal judge gave it back to him this week, prompting an objection from Grisham, who whined about “unprofessional conduct” and even included a Freudian slip by misspelling rein as “reign”.

“We disagree with the decision of the district court to issue an injunction that essentially gives free reign (sic) to members of the press to engage in unprofessional, disruptive conduct at the White House,” she said in a statement. “Mr. Karem’s conduct, including threatening to escalate a verbal confrontation into a physical one to the point that a Secret Service agent intervened, clearly breached well-understood norms of professional conduct. The Press Secretary must have the ability to deter such unacceptable conduct.”

What’s unacceptable is the way Trump and his supporters treat journalists on a daily basis. Gorka was at the White House to take part in Trump’s pity party about conservatives supposedly being censored on social media for violating community standards. Gorka then demonstrated exactly why social media has such rules by attacking Karem.

The White House clearly has a double standard. Gorka’s behavior at the event was arguably worse than Karem’s, and Trump’s own behavior these past two and a half years has been deplorable, yet you won’t hear the press secretary say anything about it. In fact, she’s hardly said much at all since becoming press secretary since she hasn’t even held a press briefing, continuing a hostility toward the press and cowardice started by Sarah Huckabee Sanders nearly a year ago. Perhaps Grisham should do her job before criticizing the way others do theirs first.

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