White House Aides Tried To Fix Trump’s Rob Porter Problem… And Failed Miserably

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White House aides went on the usual round of Sunday news shows at various media outlets in an attempt to fix the White House’s Rob Porter problem. The results were much as one might expect considering that they are seemingly blindly defending an accused abuser, and it is inexcusable.

What could they possibly say? Well, it turns out not much. At least not much that makes sense anyway.


President Donald Trump’s former staff secretary Rob Porter stands accused of physically abusing not one, but two of his ex-wives. Both President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly are under fire for failing to take the allegations seriously as well as failing to protect the accusers.

Trump tweeted over the weekend that:


Trump’s aides got busy in an attempt to stall the next fallout from the horrendous lack of response from the Ignoramus-in-Chief and his Chief of Staff. The staff’s responses Sunday only raised more questions than they answered, however.

Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short said that Trump’s response was such because he has been accused of assault himself more than a dozen times. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

“I think the president is shaped by a lot of false accusations against him in the past,” Short said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Short went on to say that Trump was “saddened,” “disturbed,” and “disappointed’ by the situation with Porter. He stated that Trump did think the right move for Porter was to resign but refused to say whether or not the Donald thought he was guilty or not.


White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway spoke with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on This Week as well. When asked if Trump thought Porter was innocent she replied,

“The president believes, as he said the other day, you have to consider all sides. He has said this in the past about incidents that relate to him as well.”

She went on to point at the horribly empty fact that porter stepped down as though that were the point.


Another interesting fact about this case was a Saturday tweet by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) who dialed in on Trump asking about due process. The tweet read,

“If [Trump] wants due process for the over dozen sexual assault allegations against him, let’s have Congressional hearings tomorrow.”

Conway responded to that with a response that was no less than infuriating. She suggested that all those ladies have had their day in court because of the media coverage. She somehow thinks that literally counts in place of actual due process. Again, you really can’t make this up.

 “Those accusers have had their day on your network and elsewhere for a long time. They were trotted out again late last year.”

Suffice it to say that Trump and Kelly have stuck their feet in the poo yet again and the White House’s response to getting the crap off of their shoes is more of the same. Lies on top of lies on top of more lies and peppered with lies.

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