White House spokesperson attempts to blame American voters for the Ukraine scandal

Now that we have a transcript of the call President Donald Trump made to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, it appears that Trump did indeed try to pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

But according to White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley, Trump did nothing wrong and if anyone is to blame for the expanding scandal, it’s the voters who elected the president in 2016.

During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday morning, Gidley remarked:

“The president has done nothing wrong. We have said that time and time again. The problem with this is, you have a Democrat Party with a complicit and compliant media. Whatever they say, the media will parrot without fact checking it, without going to multiple sources. They run with it. The sad part is they want it to be true so badly that they’ll manufacture a crisis and they’ll manufacture a news story just to attack the president.”

Actually, there was noting to “manufacture” because President Trump put himself in his precarious position by urging a foreign leader to investigate one of his Democratic political rivals.

Surprisingly, Fox host Sandra Smith pushed back some on Gidley’s comments, noting that “the president has admitted to certain things and events that took place leading up to that phone call, including the withholding of that $400 million in aid to Ukraine.”

But Gidely was undeterred, adding:

“The president ran on this very issue. He won on this very issue. Now he is trying to implement the issues he ran and won on. The American people voted for this.

“Every tax dollar that is spent, every dollar that the American people send in to this government, the president wants to make sure that is spent properly. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars across the globe and the president looks at that all the time. What are we getting back for that?”

What about the billions of dollars being stolen from the U.S. military so Trump can build a border wall the majority of American people are opposed to? What about the hundreds of millions of tax dollars that are used to fund this president’s endless golf outings?

When he ran for the White House, Donald Trump repeatedly said he would “drain the swamp.” Instead, he’s created a gold-plated one with his name etched across it.

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