Woman berates a Mexican restaurant manager in the most deplorable way possible

Image by Latino Rebels courtesy of Dleon via Facebook and YouTube video

Another day, another video of a racist white woman ranting, this time in a Mexican restaurant in Petersburg, Virginia. The video is currently making the rounds on Facebook and YouTube. The woman in question became upset while eating inside a Mexican restaurant after the manager spoke Spanish.

On Saturday Facebook user Irma DLeon, whose daughter apparently works at the Tampico Mexican restaurant in Petersburg, Virginia, posted the video on her page, Raw Story reports.

“My daughter captured this situation while working. My poor baby was frightened but cannot believe this continues to happen. We should be united as a country but there is much hate. We are all human trying to help each other out. I will pray for this woman to be a better person, but you can only educate the ignorant. First they must listen.”

The woman can be heard using the standard racist “get the f*ck out of my country,” rant popular among the ignorant, Latino Rebels reports.

“I lived in California for 20 years,” the woman is heard saying. “English is our first language, so you need to speak English.”

The restaurant manager apologizes but the woman is not happy and she replies with rude sarcasm.

“Well I’m sorry about you too. Get the f*ck out of my country.”

The manager tells the woman he’s a U.S. citizen, but that doesn’t silence her. She tells him she doesn’t have any problem with his appearance but he needs to speak English.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he responds.

Other customers begin defending the manager. The bearded man she’s with tells her to stop talking and the restaurant manager offers to pay her bill so she can leave.

Then as she’s leaving the restaurant the woman becomes obstreperous and rants:

“So I go raped by an illegal alien, but you can speak English and I have to be nice to you.”

While Latino Rebels said they couldn’t confirm the woman’s identity, other Facebook users stepped up to the plate:

And Latino Rebel’s Julio Ricardo Varela reached out to Dleon about the incident. The woman started screaming at the restaurant manager after she heard him speaking Spanish with two employees. Dleon told him that even though the situation was pretty distressing, everyone, including her daughter is okay.

Varela was able to verify that the manager the woman berated is Sergio Budar, who also spoke with Latino Rebels.

Kudos to the kind customers who came to Budar’s aid. If this woman doesn’t like to hear people speaking Spanish, maybe she should just stay home in the future. Then she won’t have to hear it and she won’t have to learn anything.

Here’s the video that exposes the woman’s racist behavior.

Featured image by Latino Rebels courtesy of Dleon via Facebook and YouTube video