Woman’s Racist Tantrum Caught On Camera – And She Claims She’s Not Racist

Is apologizing for racist remarks really too much to ask?

Apparently, that’s the case after a woman verbally assaulted a Black Dollar Tree Store employee in Georgia this week.

Pamela Sharma began screaming at Alise Fowler in the store after she allegedly told Sharma to put some merchandise back where she found it since she didn’t want it.

Sharma called her a “black slave” and other epithets as someone filmed the tantrum on their phone.

WSB-TV covered the story and talked to Fowler about the incident. Fowler said:

“Talking to somebody like this is never okay. Being evil, is never okay. She called me a black b*tch. A black whore.”

Sharma then contacted the station to defend herself and claimed she is not a bigot because she’s from a Hindu family and “highly educated.”

WSB-TV reporter Audrey Washington asked:

“Do you consider yourself racist?”

Sharma started:

“No, and I’ll tell you why. I  was raised in a Christian school. I was raised in a Hindu family.”


Before claiming to be the real victim, she continued:

“I’m part of the clergy. I wasn’t racist initially and I wasn’t racist in the middle, it’s not until I became the victim of racism.”

Sharma said:

“So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools. Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.”

Here’s the report via YouTube:

Just when you thought you’ve heard every excuse used by a bigot to claim that they are not one, this woman comes along to add another to the list.

She called this Dollar Tree store employee a “black slave.” That’s definitely a bigoted remark. And then she pathetically admits to being racist before claiming that it’s not her fault; that she can’t be one because of her heritage and education.

What a load of bullsh*t.

It sounds like Sharma is just making any excuse she can think of to keep people from seeing how much of a terrible person she is. There was zero excuse for her attack and she should be apologizing to Fowler and taking responsibility for her own actions and words.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.