Trump claims Cohen is lying because of some ‘love letter’ book he allegedly wrote

Trump Cohen

President Donald Trump is now trying to discredit his former lawyer Michael Cohen by claiming that he wrote a flattering manuscript about Trump that Congress should see as a contradiction to Cohen’s recent testimony.

During the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, Republicans repeatedly asked Cohen if he had a book deal in the works. Cohen said he did not, and seeing as how he is going to prison, it’s unlikely any such deal exists, although there are potential deals to be had after he gets out.

That being said, Trump returned to attacking Cohen on Twitter Friday by claiming that there is an alleged manuscript for a book Cohen was allegedly writing that contradicts his testimony and somehow proves he lied to Congress again, a claim he is basing on a Fox News report:

Since Cohen allegedly wrote his manuscript prior to being indicted and charged with campaign finance crimes when he was still employed by Trump and was a loyal Trump defender over a year ago, the manuscript should be considered pure propaganda that does not disprove anything Cohen said in his testimony. He never said he hadn’t written a manuscript. He only said he didn’t have a book deal.

As for Trump’s other desperate rantings, Cohen provided testimony confirming that Trump committed tax evasion and insurance fraud, as laid out perfectly by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). Also, if Democrats had committed crimes, the Justice Department and FBI would have found something by now.

Twitter users mocked Trump’s desperation:

Trump is panicking because he knows all of his criminal history is about to be revealed and Republicans will have no choice but to turn against him or be swept out of office in 2020. Cohen’s manuscript is not proof that he lied to Congress, it’s proof that he was once a Trump sycophant who has seen the light.

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