Elizabeth Warren Hammers Trump For Resuming Insults On Her Native American Heritage

Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts sen. Elizabeth Warren may be all set to take down Trump in 2020. Screenshot by Dose of Dissonance via YouTube video

Senator Elizabeth Warren wasted no time firing back at President Donald Trump after he insulted her native American heritage again in the wake of a DNA test proving that her family hasn’t been lying all these years.

Warren revealed the results of a DNA test this month proving that she, indeed, does have Native American ancestry.

The results came as an embarrassment to Trump, who has frequently attacked Warren and mocked her claim, even going so far as to repeatedly refer to her as “Pocahontas,” and once offered $1 million to charity if she took a test that confirmed her ancestry.

Rather than acknowledge that he just got his ass handed to him by science, Trump took to Twitter to attack Warren by claiming that her DBA test is “bogus” and cited a statement by the Cherokee Nation, which Trump used as fodder to continue insulting her.

Frankly, the Cherokee Nation should be ashamed of itself for giving Trump ammunition to continue his racist attacks.

Even Warren herself made no claim that she is part of the Cherokee tribe, only that she does, in fact, have Native American ancestry.

If anything, the Cherokee Nation should be directing their outrage at Trump, who has repeatedly insulted Native Americans across the country with racism, not to mention the fact that the Supreme Court just paved the way for Native Americans to be disenfranchised thanks to newest Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom Trump nominated to the high court.

DNA tests are a legitimate tool for discovering ancestry. To deny it, denies science and legitimizes Trump’s attacks.

Warren soon fired back against Trump on Twitter.

Warren has every right to take a DNA test to discover her ancestry and share it with the public, especially since conservatives have been calling her a liar and demanding she prove her claims. The Cherokee Nation should have applauded her for taking on her critics. Instead, they gave Trump another excuse to attack her and opened themselves up to ridicule.

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