Ken Ham declares public libraries ‘dangerous places for kids’ and gets schooled on real Christianity


Creationist pastor Ken Ham, who built a theme park based on Noah’s ark on the taxpayer dime, got his a** handed to him on Twitter Sunday for attacking public libraries as “dangerous places for kids.”

Libraries are on the rise again as people jump to support them to keep them open for our kids, and one of many reasons for that rising popularity is that public libraries are diversifying the collection of books offered by including LGBTQ materials.

Of course, Ham is an evangelical “Christian” who hates people who are different. And he believes that children should only be allowed to read the Bible so that they are as narrow-minded as him and ignorant enough to be brainwashed.

So, he took to Twitter to condemn libraries and public schools as the “enemy.”

And it didn’t take long for Twitter users to destroy him in response.

Evangelicals like Ken Ham are the true threat to our children. They believe in forcing religion upon them and indoctrinating them into believing as they do, including hating others for being different.

If Ham and other evangelicals were still wondering why people are abandoning the church, it’s because of their hate, not public libraries.

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