Legal experts shred Trump’s assertion of executive privilege over Mueller report


President Donald Trump’s desperate effort to protect Attorney General Bill Barr and hide the full Mueller report from Congress by claiming executive privilege isn’t being bought by legal experts, who promptly ripped the pathetic tactic on Wednesday.

Just as the House Judiciary Committee began voting to hold Barr in contempt for not complying with a subpoena to release the full unredacted report with underlying evidence presented to the grand jury, the Department of Justice sent a letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) informing him that Trump has declared executive privilege over the entire report.

The problem is that Trump has already waived executive privilege and Barr can get a court order to unseal the grand jury materials Congress has subpoenaed. So, Trump doesn’t have much legal ground to stand on, and several legal experts made that clear on Twitter.

Even Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano pointed out the flaws.

“Executive privilege protects communications that the President has with senior advisers and senior members of the government,” he said. “If the redacted material is not in that category then it’s not even covered by executive privilege.”

And former Solicitor General Neal Katyal compared Trump’s effort to former President Richard Nixon’s during Watergate before noting that Trump’s executive privilege declaration in weaker than Nixon’s, which the Supreme Court crushed.

So, Trump should lose in court if our current Supreme Court Justices actually care about precedent and the rule of law. He is only delaying the inevitable as the law closes in on him.

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