Morning Joe Panel Laughs Uproariously Over Latest Trump Tweet – And It’s Delicious (Video)

When President Donald Trump placed himself in quotation marks in a tweet early Monday, the crew on MSNBC’s Morning Joe erupted in uproarious laughter.

Morning Joe Panelists Go To Town On Trump

Here’s Trump’s silly tweet:

And it’s that goofy set of quotation marks that really gave journalist John Heilemann a good laugh, according to Mediaite.

Heilemann said, smiling broadly:

“The most meta thing he’s ever done.”

“The quotation marks around the ‘I’ is going to take me awhile to get around,” he said. “He puts quotation marks around things randomly and in a kind of surrealistic way all the time, but to just put quotation marks around the capital ‘I’ — I don’t really know what to make of that.”

And MSNBC’s Elise Jordan couldn’t resist adding her own two cents and jokingly asked:

“Do you think this president is slightly into himself?”

This led Morning Joe co-host, Mika Brzezinski, to jump in and seemingly compare the hosts of Fox & Friends to trained seals. That was pretty funny because Brzezinski did it in a deadpan fashion, clapping her hands just like a seal claps its flippers. She said:

“He tags the tweet ‘@Fox Friends.’ Your network is doing good this morning. Are they making you happy?”

Trump’s tweet is also completely wrong, in at least one aspect. It mentions how well Republicans are doing in Congressional races, and as Heilemann and one other panelist point out, he couldn’t be more wrong. And Morning Joe co-host notes that Democrats are now being elected in the U.S. that have been Republican strongholds.

It’s understandable that there’s no love between Brzezinski and Trump — he attacked her viciously in the past by saying she was ‘bleeding badly from a face-lift’ and that resulted in a meteoric feud that earned the popular show it’s highest ratings ever.

And that’s what makes this latest incident funny. It’s nice to see Brzezinski and Scarborough having fun with this. Trump has managed to tweet something that’s wrong and stupid simultaneously.

Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner. Not!

You can watch the funny video below.

Featured image courtesy of NN via YouTube video.