Planned Parenthood forced to withdraw from federal funding program by Trump

Planned Parenthood

Rather than comply with President Donald Trump’s draconian abortion gag rule that would have forced Planned Parenthood to not discuss the procedure with patients, the organization withdrew from the Title X federal funding program, and women are understandably livid.

In yet another attack on women, Trump’s gag rule forced Planned Parenthood to withdraw from the program and the $60 million of funding they had received every year to help care for patients.

Only three percent of the services Planned Parenthood offers is related to abortion while the rest has to do with contraception, cancer screenings and other services that low-income patients desperately need.

But those services are going to be much harder to provide now that Planned Parenthood no longer receives federal funding. The organization made a brief announcement on Twitter followed by a message from the organization’s political action arm.

“I want our patients to know: while the Trump administration may have given up on you, Planned Parenthood never will,” Acting Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson said in a statement condemning Trump’s policy. “Our doors are open today, and our doors will be open tomorrow. The Trump administration’s gag rule will reverberate across the country. This reality will hit hardest people struggling to make ends meet — including those people in rural areas and communities of color.”

“We believe that the Trump administration is doing this as an attack on reproductive health care and to keep providers like Planned Parenthood from serving our patients,” she continued. “Health care shouldn’t come down to how much you earn, where you live, or who you are. Congress must act now. It’s time for the U.S. Senate to act to pass a spending bill that will reverse the harmful rule and restore access to birth control, STD testing, and other critical services to people with low-incomes. People’s lives depend on it.”

While Trump supporters are celebrating, women are pissed, including the top three women running for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination.

In addition, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) also chimed in.

And doctors also oppose the gag rule.

Trump has already earned the wrath of women across the country, now he’s done something to make them angry enough to vote next November. Because you be damn sure that they will remember the day Trump took their healthcare away from them.

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