Pro-Trump Group’s Shameless Interview Of Roy Moore (Video)


The GOP refuses to back down from backing Roy Moore no matter how abhorrent his behavior, they would rather a racist pedophile win than a Democrat. They continue to make that very clear.

Newsweek reported today that a pro-Trump group shamelessly sent a 12-year-old girl to sit down with Moore and interview him about his election campaign, an obvious ploy to downplay the accusations against him.

The group is called the America First Project. They are a pro-Trump political group. The girl’s name is Millie March. If the name sounds familiar, you may have heard it before. She gained some popularity during President Trump’s 2016 campaign as the adorable, well-spoken little Trumpette.


As of November 16, according to the Washington Post, eight women had come forward and accused Moore of sexual misconduct that occurred when they were teenagers, just a few years older than Millie.

Take Beverley Young Nelson, for example. She says that Moore attempted to force her into a sex act when she was 16-years-old and working as a waitress. He offered her a ride home and instead parked the car and tried to assault her.

Now this group has Millie seated across from Roy Moore as some twisted statement on just what those women can do with their accusations.


The America First Project and most of the Republican voters in Alabama just think the women making the accusations have been paid to lie. Again, more shameless rhetoric from the right, simply fitting propaganda in where facts used to belong.

It doesn’t make it any less disgusting and shameful, however.

During the interview, Millie did not ask Moore about the accusations, however. The interview itself was pretty short. They talked about taxes, health care reform, and religious liberty. Moore said he thinks that the military should assist on the border before they get the wall built.

Someone should tell him they already do.


It’s anyone’s guess how low the Republican party can go. President Trump himself has taunted the women who accused Moore of misconduct. They continue to double down, however. Even the RNC came out in support of Moore’s campaign.

“We certainly don’t want to have a liberal Democrat [in Alabama] that’s controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” Trump said from the white House earlier this month.

Trump even recorded a robocall for Moore that said, “We need Roy to help us with the Republican Senate.”

Moore currently leads Democrat Doug Jones by four points in the polls.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.