New Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Corey Lewandowski

Singer, Trump supporter, and congressional hopeful Joy Villa, 31, has filed a formal sexual assault charge against former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. The incident occurred in November at a Trump International Hotel party. The report was filed with the Metropolitan Police Department Sex Assault Unit. In an interview Tuesday, Villa recounted:

The detective I talked to said that sexual harassment is what happens in the workforce. The detective told me, ‘what you describe happened to you is sexual assault.’

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She Warned Him — He Doubled Down

Villa is contemplating a congressional run in the state of Florida. She reported that during the party, “Lewandowski slapped her on the butt hard, twice – even after she voiced an objection.”

In detailing the incident, Villa stated that a friend had introduced her to Lewandowski and that they had taken a photo together. After the first slap, she warned him about reporting him for sexual harassment. Lewandowski replied, “Go ahead, I work in the private sector.” He then slapped her again.

Villa provided the names of two witnesses to the assault, but still feared repercussions. She was initially hesitant to report the incident. Lewandowski has a wife and children and Villa was embarrassed about the incident. She was quoted in POLITICO when asked why she waited a month to file the charges:

I feared that it could backfire on me. Ten times out of 10 the woman gets blamed no matter what.

Even in the midst of the #MeToo movement, women take the brunt of the “blame” for sexual assault and harassment perpetrated by men.

Lewandowski, true to form, has not responded to requests for a statement.

Villa Made a Splash With a High Profile Appearance

Villa made headlines when she attended the Grammy Awards in a highly controversial MAGA dress. The dress was emblazoned with her support for President Donald Trump. The gaudy dress was covered with a white smock until she revealed it to an astonished audience.

Trump stooge Roger Stone is advising Villa on her bid for Congress.


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