Stormy Daniels LEVELS Trump For Insulting Her And Bragging About Court Win On Twitter


President Donald Trump immediately took to Twitter to attack Stormy Daniels on Tuesday when he heard that a federal judge has thrown out her case against him.

Earlier this week, the case that has been plaguing Trump for months came to end after a judge threw it out and ruled that Daniels is on the hook for the legal bill.

Rather than refrain from being a complete jackass, Trump bragged about the court win and insulted Daniels by referring to her as “horseface” and threatened her and her attorney Michael Avenatti with legal action.

Avenatti soon fired back.

Stormy Daniels also fired back and she hit Trump where it hurts the most.

Other Twitter users piled on.

Once again, Trump went too far and it’s going to bite him on the ass in November and again in 2020 when women flock to the polls to punish him on Election Day.


Featured Image: Wikimedia