Trump gets taken to the woodshed over Rose Garden temper tantrum

Trump Rose Garden

President Donald Trump threw a hissy fit while speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden on Wednesday after storming out of a previously scheduled meeting with Democratic leaders over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accusing him of “engaging in a cover-up.”

Pelosi made the remarks earlier in the day after a meeting with House committee chairmen. Just hours later, Trump whined about what she said and used it as an excuse to end the meeting, the purpose of which was to discuss Trump’s infrastructure spending proposal.

He then called for a press conference in the Rose Garden where he put a sign on the podium that criticized the Mueller probe and the resulting Mueller report. When Trump began speaking, he lectured the press by whining about how they report the news and claimed that they should be reporting on crimes he alleges were committed by Democrats. He also insisted that he doesn’t do cover-ups and demanded Democrats end all investigations before he will work with them on any legislation.

Many political and legal experts laughed at him on Twitter.

Seriously, Trump is a petulant child who knows he is cornered and won’t be able to get away with his crimes. He is desperate, and he used Pelosi’s remarks to get out of having to do anything on infrastructure because he doesn’t have a real plan. His “I don’t do cover-ups” remark will go down in history as his version of Nixon’s “I am not a crook” and as courts continue to deal blows to his lawsuits against Democratic subpoenas, it more clear than ever before that he is going down. And he’ll be kicking and screaming the whole way.

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