Trump Jr. gets owned for threatening pro-impeachment Republican

Trump Jr

President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. once again proved that the douche does not fall far from the bag on Thursday when he openly threatened pro-impeachment Republican Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), drawing ridicule in response.

Amash is the only Republican in Congress who has apparently read the Mueller report, which is why he supports impeaching Trump.

Of course, his support of impeachment has resulted in a backlash against him as Republicans now seek to defeat him in a primary election ahead of 2020.

Trump Jr. gloated about the primary and shared a recent poll showing Amash’s opponent ahead by 16 points.

The problem with Trump Jr’s threat is that Michigan has open primaries, which means Democrats can vote in them, making it very possible for Amash to beat his primary challenger. It should also be pointed out that Trump Jr. is bragging about a poll, which he and his father often decry as “fake news.”

Amash would hilariously respond to Trump Jr. by directly quoting his email response to Rob Goldstone concerning dirt that the Russians were seeking to give the Trump campaign.

That’s some high level trolling right there. But other Twitter users piled on.

Clearly, Don Jr. picked on someone above his weight class.

Featured Image: Wikimedia