Trump Redesigns Presidential Coin Just As A Dictator Would

Donald Trump turned a presidential coin that is supposed to honor our troops into a monument to himself, which is what dictators do.

If you go to places like North Korea where dictators rule, you’ll find their face and name everywhere and on anything.

The same thing is now happening in America under Trump. Rather than simply tweak the presidential challenge coin that is often given to troops, Trump gave it a complete makeover and made the coin all about him.

According to the New York Times:

“Gone is the national motto, E pluribus unum, meaning ‘out of many, one.’ In its place appears the president’s campaign slogan, ‘Make America Great Again,’ which the administration has also used on official White House documents.

The traditional presidential seal has been replaced by an eagle looking rightward, with President Trump’s signature beneath it. Instead of holding the customary 13 arrows representing the original states, or an olive branch, the eagle is perched behind a red, white and blue shield, with 13 stars around its wings.”

Needless to say, people are outraged by the redesign.

Trump literally erased our national seal and motto from the presidential coin, a motto, and seal that have been around since the beginning of our nation, and replaced it with his campaign slogan while putting his name in big gold letters. Clearly, he wanted this coin to be all about himself, just more proof that he doesn’t care about our nation or our troops. He only cares about himself and feeding his own ego.

This should outrage every American.

Featured Image: Twitter screenshot.