Trump Retweets Fake News Claim That Rioting Parisians Are Chanting ‘We Want Trump’ In The Streets

Trump fake news

As France continues to deal with riots in response to rising fuel taxes, President Donald Trump is still trying to make the riots all about him by tweeting out fake news.

Last month, Trump hijacked the riots to claim that protesters are angry about NATO and trade deficits even though the riots are about wealth inequity and an increase in fuel taxes that are meant to make the country more pro-business instead of using it to pay for social programs.

The riots have nothing to do with Trump’s petty grievances against NATO and the European Union and everything to do with taxes that are hurting people in rural areas of France.

But Trump continued making the riots all about him on Tuesday by retweeting a post written by desperate Trump supporter Charlie Kirk accusing the media of covering up the mass protests and claiming that Parisians are chanting ‘We want Trump’ in the streets.

The problem is that none of what Kirk says is actually true.

The media have widely covered the riots, particularly international news broadcasts such as BBC and CNN International. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with so-called “Marxism.” The protesters simply believe that the French government has raised taxes a bit too much and for the wrong reasons in this case. But Kirk is taking advantage of the protests to claim that it’s against socialism in general, which includes universal healthcare.

However, the French people and the people of Europe are quite happy with high taxation in general because they understand that it pays for things like healthcare and education, which has made their nations the envy of the world, especially millions of Americans who don’t have access to affordable medical care.

As for the European economy, it’s firing on all cylinders and is growing faster than the U.S. economy.

And last, but not least, Kirk appears to be referencing a purported video of right-wing protesters in London chanting ‘We want Trump,’ which has since been debunked and was dwarfed by the massive anti-Trump protest that occurred during Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom earlier this year.

Kirk, nor Trump, have provided any evidence that Parisian rioters are chanting ‘We want Trump,” and that’s because the protest has nothing to do with Trump.

Once again, Trump has been caught spreading fake news on Twitter as part of his propaganda.


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