Alt-Righters Have Online Fit After Twitter Deletes Thousands Of Russian Bot Accounts

Members of the so-called alt-right (aka white nationalists) and far right-wing Trump supporters went on Twitter Wednesday morning and discovered that the social media platform had finally shut down thousands of accounts belonging to Russian bots of the sort that played a supporting role in the candidacy of Donald Trump.

And while those on the right just love to call liberals and progressives “snowflakes,” it seems the delicate daffodils are actually allied with Trump and his extremist views, because they quickly lit up Twitter with all sorts of pathetic whining over the loss of their imaginary friends:

The rational side of the Twitterverse decided to let the alt-righters know how they felt about this beautiful example of karma:

Sounds like it’s gonna be a very bad day for the alt-right. Hopefully that will expand and it’ll be a bad 2018 for them, too.

Featured Image Via Flickr/CC BY 2.0